What's up with this referrals guys

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It's more than 21 days yet the dashboard doesn't reflect the referrals I made. The people I referred made payments and have already referred others too but there's no reflection of that on the tab nor a sign of the corresponding payment. What's up?

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Philip Etyang | 2023-03-14 16:10:29

Dorcas njoki have you ever withdrawn your earnings please give more light because we are many who are stranded here
Ben Rere | 2023-03-13 09:09:13

Kennedy Nyakundi Nyachiro | 2023-03-09 05:14:05

Evans Mogaka Ateya | 2023-03-06 08:55:06

CLEOPHAS WAFULA | 2023-02-28 14:24:41

Even me am having the same problem
Francis kamau | 2023-02-20 20:20:22

It's understandable
David Talam | 2023-02-18 10:02:03

Andrew Adano Guyo | 2023-02-15 17:53:53

David Nangulu Barasa | 2023-02-13 15:07:55

Ronald kengere oywako | 2023-02-11 08:18:22

I don't understand this things
Mary Mutanu Muema | 2023-02-10 22:52:37

Very funny
Ronald kengere oywako | 2023-02-03 11:29:31

what's up
Ismael Ngosia | 2023-01-26 13:52:55

Francis kamau | 2023-01-25 21:37:31

Wats up
Wesley Ngeno | 2023-01-23 13:05:28

It's ok
christopher mwangi | 2023-01-22 15:58:13

Dorcas Njoki | 2023-01-18 08:03:50

Before we call them scammer Just Go down your where news ending On copyright.. Open Tos read what they say..may be could be our Lack of knowing and understanding. Could be..
Dorcas Njoki | 2023-01-18 07:59:20

Sometimes our lack of understanding Mislead us go on where it's written Can contacts us read what they say.before 48hrs on the date of with draw Register two people and have 2000 on The account .....its not you register many But may be before 15th on 12 Register 2new and 2000. On 30th reg2new and 2000.goes like that and after 48hrs It will reflect on your acc and able to withdraw.But read for itself to understand more
Dennis Sinyeleli Simiyu | 2023-01-15 17:48:33

Daniel Koome | 2023-01-15 05:36:27


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