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I hated Julius Karanja so much.

Not because he had taken Maggy from me.

But because despite being my best friend and campus roommate, and despite knowing too well what Maggy meant to me, he still went ahead to not only betray our friendship, but also lure my girlfriend into having a secret affair with him. To me, this was high voltage infidelity. This was simply unforgivable.

If I had a pistol, I would have shot this guy 47 times on the chest, fed his useless body to the dogs. I would then have killed those dogs, burnt them to ashes and threw those ashes into the filthiest parts of Dandora dump site!

I hated him for reals!

He had taken away Maggy. My Maggy!

The only woman I had loved purely, sincerely, and with lots of graceful intent.

Maggy and I met in 2014 at Eldoret Poly where I was pursuing a diploma in nursing. I was in my first year of study and from the onset, I knew Maggy was the perfect woman for me. Maggy was a beautiful woman. In the five years that I shared in her life, I regarded her beauty and intelligence as a treasure beyond prize. She used her lips for truth, her voice was for kindness her ears for compassion and most importantly, her heart was full of pure love for me. How she came to have an affair with my best friend, remains a complete mystery to me. I knew her to be the kind of woman to walk alone in darkness, than follow anyone's shadow. But how did such a honest loving lady find herself in the muddy waters of infidelity? I don't know.

This is planet earth! Anything is possible.

For the 3 years that Julius and I shared rooms, I never picked any idea that he was thirsting on my girlfriend. But what was hurting was that I never had the slightest realization that my Maggy was entertaining his sexual advances.

The day I realized that Julius and my Maggy had been intimate everytime I left for nursing field work, I died inside. With the knowledge that cheating is not a mistake but a choice, my world completely shut down after what Maggy did to me.

Was it his money? Why? What happened to promises? What happened to patience?

The questions were to much, but sadly.. With no answer at all.

What was left, was simply to forget Maggy and move on.

I made the very tough decision to man up, exhale my past and inhale the fresh new air of my future.

I made a mental note to avoid women, the same way I avoided vegetables during end month. I wanted to do life alone. Expand my career horizon, make money and travel the world.

Fast foward.

After 2 and a half years after the nasty break up with Maggy, my heart was finally beginning to heal. The recentment begun easening and my heart begun realming with newer perspectives.

God had come for me in a big way and my proffesional career was picking up in earnest.

I realized that the biggest mistake I had made was pegging my happiness to Maggy.

I was still bitter yes. But, I realized that forgiving her had been a gift to her.

But moving on without drama,,had been a gift to myself.

As for Julius Karanja, he made me lose trust on anything called a friend. This snakes masquerading as friends were the worst. My recentment for him did not bulge. Two years on, I still hated him to bits. I wished him every possible calamity in this world. I wished and hoped that everything he touched failed misarably.

I hope that he died,

Or he got involved in an accident

Or got consumed in some fire in a building

Or he drowned.

But most importantly, I hoped that their affair with Maggy would just die a natural death.

Rumour had it that they had relocated to Nairobi. That they had moved together in one of Julius' parents homes. And that Maggy was expecting their first kid.

I didn't care.

I didn't care for real.

Fast foward.

I received my transfer letter from Moi teaching and refferal hospital Eldoret to Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital in Nairobi as a resident nurse in the orthopediatric department. I was expected to report on the first Tuesday of August, 2019.

I got to Eldoret Airport at 5:15pm, my flight to Nairobi was sheduled for 6pm. I was meant to report to Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital the following morning.

After the usual airport preliminaries, I settled in the massive fly 540 airbus, seat 322.

At seat 323 was a lady who seemed to be in her early 50s. With the fact that she was going to be my 'seat mate' for the next 45 minutes, I had to be modest enough to drop a 'hi'

She faintly replied to my greeting and returned to her iPad. Chances are, the lady was trying to frantically send some important email, or she was playing candy crush. Whatever she was doing on her iPad, I didn't know and I didn't care.

I settled on my flight seat, buckled up and fell asleep.

After what seemed like 5 minutes deep into my flight sleep, I felt a warm soft tap on my right shoulder. The tender touch bolted me from my sleep and right before me was the lady waving her iPad on my face while smiling widely. She whispered that she was having an update issue with her machine and it wasn't receiving mail feeds, she needed assistance on trouble shooting the issue. I offered to help. After tweaking a few internet settings on her iPad, the updates were up and running.

She was more than greatful.

She mentioned that her name was Anabel. 

We then stroke a candid conversation on the country's economy, weather, technology and more weird stuff.

She was impressed that dispite being young, I was flourishing an impressive career in clinical medicine. She proudly noted that this country needed determined souls like mine.

That if only my fellow youth would emulate me, our economy would not be as troubled as it is. I smiled graciously at her compliments. I was greatful towards holding my career prospects so highly.

Mid air, our conversations continued.... 

She noted that she had been at Eldoret for a week to supervise a few construction projects and was now headed to her Nairobi home. Anabel despite being in her 50s, had truly taken care of herself. She had a graceful height, soul searching eyes, and an easy smile. Her velvet dress smoothly held her motherly figure and her thighs clearly indicated that she had never missed on a leg day at the gym.

Being a guy keen on nails, I couldn't help but admire her well manicured fingernails that were delicately polished with some of the finest nail gels.

About her body odour, it was so inviting. Her cologne must have been some imported piece of fragrance that was only retailed in the middle east, or Dubai. Nothing in between.

Money was clearly doing this lady lots of justice.

She told me that sadly, she had been widowed for 20 years. Her husband had perished on a plain crush many years ago when she was only 31. Anabel went ahead to tell me that had chosen not to re marry but to take care of her late husband's vast estate and raise her two children.

She narrated how her husband's loss had delt her a huge blow and to date, every time she remembered the hubby's demise, everything shuts down for her. 

Throughout her tale, I noted that her fair eyes were filling up with tears. Polished and expensive as she appeared, Annabel my travel mate was tired inside.

This woman was lonely. She badly needed someone to talk to. Anabel needed someone who she could be vulnerable to without judgment. Someone who was not her kids.

At this moment, I did not know what to do.

She was sobbing uncontrollably from the memories of her hubby.

I told her everything was going to be okay and that everything happens for a reason.

I don't know how we ended up in a long, warm tight embrace. 50 year old Anabel held me tightly as if she was afraid of something. Suprisingly in the warm embrace, she calmed down.

My final conclusion was that despite her advanced age, Anabel desperately needed somebody.

Anabel needed a man.

Anabel wanted someone to remind her that she is a woman, born to be loved,  and cared for.

But what on planet earth was I going to do with a 50 year old wealthy woman. What?

I rubbed her back gently as she got comfortable on my shoulder. I struck her motherly torso gently and in a relaxing way.

 I repeatedly whispered to her that everything was going to be okay. And I didn't realize that I had gone ahead of myself when I told her that if she ever needed anyone to confide to, I'd only be a call away.

It seems this promise also took Anabel by surprise. She lifted her face and stared at me straight into the eyes.

'Socrates, are you sure you will be there for me?'

She asked me that question with alot of passion in her eyes. Given how close our embrace was, I could see this woman's soul through her eyes.

This woman Anabel was beautiful and for a moment, I found myself tightening the embrace.

Anabel was at peace during the long hug.

Supringly, I felt I was at peace too.

Maybe, I had missed this long warm embrace from a woman too. Maybe.

But Anabel was 50. Gosh! 

50 but beautiful

50 but vulnerable

50 but cute

50 but lonely

50 but wealthy.

Our long tight hug was ended by an announcement from the hostess that we were at Nairobi's sky space and we were required to fasten our belts and prepare for landing.

We exchanged contacts with Anabel and I promised to do dinner with her after I reported to work at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

As the plain was finally making final stretch on the runway at Wilson, I felt Anabel tender and motherly lips on mine. That kiss was so so so sudden and unexpected.

To be honest, I didn't resist her kiss.

It was long

It was deep

It was wet.

This 50 year old wealthy woman was fire on ice!

I swear, I was going to see her again. Soon!

We descended the fly 540 plane and proceeded to the airport's lounge. This is where we were parting ways with Anabel. It had been a pleasure meeting her!

The short emotional connection at the plane had been so magical. She was old but legit. I truly couldn't wait to see her again.

As we hugged the final goodbye, we heard voices behind us shouting in excitement,,

'Mum,, welcome home... We missed you!'

We turned,

Anabel smiled back at the two people that had come to give her a surprise pick up from the airport. She immediately recognized them.. 

She then did the formal introductions..

'Socrates, meet my first born Son Julius and his Fiance, Maggy.

Written by Socrates

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