No need to Visit Huduma Center to Check if Your Huduma Card is Delivered, Just Call This Number

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No need to Visit Huduma Center to Check if Your Huduma Card is Delivered, Just Call This Number


Right now Huduma center offers so many government services to the public. This being the case, most days they have so many people who need to be served. Sometime you may find very long queues, this means that you may end up waiting for even more than an hour. This being the case you don't really need to visit huduma center to check if your card is delivered. Instead you can just make a call to know the way about of your card.

If you have already received a message that has confirmed that your card is in a certain Huduma center and you just need to pick, you can as well book an appointment instead of just waiting for so long to be served. If you are not sure where your card is, you don't need to panic, you just need to make a call and you will receive the exact details about your card.

Remember that this card is very important and you should make an effort of following until you have it in your hands. From since never year these cards will be very useful since they will replace the national identifications.

Using this number 0800221111, just make a call to Huduma Kenya and they will confirm the way about of your card. Make sure you call on the day working hours since the call is directly to the Huduma kenya.

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Kennedy Nyakundi Nyachiro | 2021-07-22 01:58:35

Yes hii ni sawa baadala ya Mwenda kwa huduma centa

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