BBI few calculations on expections payable to elected leaders

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After reading  this BBI I did some few calculations

President  ksh 1.5 per month minimum 

deputy president  ksh 1.2 per month minimum 

Prime minister  kshs 1.1 per month minimum 

Deputy prime minister ksh 1m per month minimum 

Deputy prime minister  ksh 1m per month minimum 

390 MPs  ksh 700k per month = 273 m minimum 

110 senator  kshs 700k per month =78 m minimum 

Over 2500 mca ksh 350k  per month=750m minimum 

47 governors ksh  1m per month=47 m minimum 

47 Deputy governors  kshs700 per month= 33m minimum 

Total = Over 1.18 billion per month minimum.  allowanced, millage security vehicles not yet calculated

If you want to get more  angry!as a taxpayer l*

1.15b per month × 12months =13.8 billions per year.

And it's not covering anything about education and Teacher, 

nothing about health and Nurse and doctors.....

It's not about service providers but all about leaders salary, 

Don't forget once in office they take tenders and contracts too


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Victor Ombeta | 2020-10-26 15:51:16

Peterson Nyamboga Ondari | 2020-10-26 06:19:32

Meaning no benefits of common mwananchi
Afia Awino | 2020-10-25 21:21:29

Kiplangat Yegon | 2020-10-25 20:19:00

What are the benefits to mwananchi

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